Why USA Supplemental Benefits are Important?

Your most valuable asset may not be your home, car, or family heirlooms- for most of us it's our ability to earn and provide for ourselves and our family.

Every employed person needs paycheck / income replacement protection, just as every employed person needs medical insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, and air to breathe. Figuring out if you need disability insurance is pretty easy. If you have a job, you need it.

Income is critical to most employees' financial security, yet, employees rarely think about how an illness or accident puts their income at risk.

What are the odds of experiencing an income-interrupting event in life? Almost everyone knows someone who, even with good medical insurance, has struggled to make ends meet after being injured or having a heart attack, or while fighting cancer.

Stroke is the leading cause of serious long-term disabilities.

Women experience bundled risks. Women comprised more than half of new long-term disability claims in 2013. Pregnancy-related claims were the biggest contributor to the spar-rowth in women's claims.

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  • • More than 25% of today's 20 year-olds will become disabled before they retire.

  • • You have a 3:10 chance of suffering a disabling illness or injury during your career that would keep you out of work for three months or more.

  • • According to the American Cancer Society, the lifetime risk of developing cancer is:

No time to waste. Workers' livelihoods could

change in an instant-and frequently do.

"Approximating every 7 seconds, a working-age American suffers a

disabling injury or illness that will last for at least one a month."--


Here is why group voluntary benefits are important: every Employed Person (Teachers) needs Pay-Check Protection/Supplemental Insurance just as every Employed person needs medical insurance, Life insurance, auto insurance and air to breathe. But many Consumers/Teachers are not aware of the dire need for Pay-Check Protection/ Supplemental Insurance. Most Americans own health insurance, acknowledging that over their lifetime, during their Career, they may become sick or injured and be required to pay for medical services and potentially experience loss of income. But most of those same Americans don’t take the measures necessary in protecting their income (paycheck) during those periods of sickness or injury. This is a complete conundrum that must be solved. There is a definite disconnect between consumers and their pay-check protection needs. The average Teacher is provided with 10-15 sick and personal days per year.

What happens when a sickness or injury exceeds their available leave days? Or a love one, such as a child develops a critical illness? This is where USA through its consultative selling approach educates clients about the importance of pay-check Protection /supplemental insurance programs.

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Providing Financial Benefits When You Need Them the Most


Pays money directly to you (generally tax-free)

or to whomever you have designated.


Cannot be cancelled by the company

Your policy is guaranteed renewable for life, as long as your premium is current. However, we have the right to change premiums—but only if we do the same to all policies in the same class in your state


Pays in addition to any other insurance

including HMOs, PPOs, sick leave, sick bank, and workmen’s compensation.


Provides financial predictability

Fills in critical gaps in coverage and provides peace-of-mind protection.


Continuous coverage (portable)

Even if you change jobs or retire, your benefits stay with you.


Assists in reducing health care cost

A supplemental benefits such as accident, disability, critical illness, and hospital indemnity, alongside your medical coverage could mean cash and more.


Guaranteed issued

Guaranteed issued benefits during open enrollment, regardless of health issues.


Paid wellness benefits

You can get paid wellness benefits for checkups at the doctor's office.


Group premium discount

Through the educator’s school worksite, the insured can enjoy premium discount for group enrollment and occupational classification.


Potential tax benefits

Self-employed persons may be able to receive a tax deduction on premium payments (please check with your accountant).

Here are the facts: The top reasons every working American (Teachers) needs paycheck protection

(32) At age 32, (medium age for Teachers) the chance of being disabled for 90 days is 6.5 times greater than the chance of death. (Source: National Association of Insurance Commissioners)

(18%) More than 51 million Americans- 18 percent of the population- are classified as disabled.(Source: US Census Bureau, November 2008)

(3/10) Almost one–third of Americans entering the workforce today – three out of 10 – will become disabled before they retire. (Source: Social Security Administration, 2007)

(2.35) 34,017 fatal crashes occurred in 2008, the lowest rate since 1961. Next, what about those persons who survived the carnage? 2008 2.35 million people were injured in car accidents. Car crashes are the leading cause of acquired disability in the United States. (Source: NHTSA Fatality Analysis Reporting System)

(75%) Seventy –five percent of disabilities are caused by an illness rather than an accident. (Source: Commissioner’s Disability Table)