Free School Donations for Your School




United Schools Associates (USA) will donate gift cards to allow your teachers to receive FREE school supplies. This is just one more way USA likes to give back to schools.


Here’s how the Donors Choose gift card works: Go to, select any project (including your own), and commit any dollar amount (up to the limit on the gift card) to that project.

If you do not have a project on Donors Choose, you can create a project (for FREE) in order to use the gift card. If a school receives a gift card, the principal can decide how he/she would like to divide the donations. Donations can be spread between one or more projects.

We hope this contribution helps you and your teachers.

RedeemGiftCardOnce redirected, click on your chosen school to redeem your gift card.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at