Hospital costs keep rising!

Average hospital bill per patient = $15,017

Average hospital stay = 4.8 days

Average amount spent on out-of-pocket medical bills by those with health insurance who filed for bankruptcy = $17,749

USA at Work offers a Hospital Expense insurance policy to help fill some gaps in existing insurance plans. It pays over and above any other health insurance benefits, with no deductibles or co-insurance. The plan is straightforward, and benefits can be paid directly to the insured. Any approved medical doctor or hospital may be used. Hospital Expense is available to employees and spouses ages 18 and over, and children ages 0-25. It’s also portable, meaning an employee leaving their current employer may keep the policy in force by continuing to pay premiums.

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United Schools Associate is insurance that pays you cash directly, to help pay for things that major medical doesn’t cover.

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*Products are underwritten by various A.M. Best A-rated companies. Policy riders, availability, features, and rates may vary by state. For cost and details of coverage, please contact United Schools Associates.