Accidents happen to even the most cautious people. Recovering from an injury is tough enough, but out-of-pocket expenses for the emergency room, ambulance, hospital stay, and doctors’ bills can cause a financial crisis as regular monthly bills and expenses continue to accumulate.

The solution: a USA Accident Expense insurance policy


USA offers employees the opportunity to protect themselves and their families from the cost of accidental injuries. The plan pays a fixed cash benefit for medical treatments associated with a covered accident. Better still, benefits are paid regardless of any other insurance coverage. This affordable protection may be extended to cover an employee’s spouse and children. It is also portable; it can be kept in force after leaving one’s current employer if premiums continue to be paid.
Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Get the protection you need.

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United Schools Associate is insurance that pays you cash directly, to help pay for things that major medical doesn’t cover.

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*Products are underwritten by various A.M. Best A-rated companies.  Policy riders, availability, features, and rates may vary by state. For cost and details of coverage, please contact United Schools Associates.