Every 1.2 seconds…
someone in the U.S.
is disabled.


This number represents how
many American have become
disabled since
U.S. National Safety Council, Injury Facts 2011

A Regular Paycheck is Essential


If an accident or illness prevents an employee from working, chances are, their paycheck will stop, too. According to the Council for Disability Awareness, 68 percent of Americans would find it “very difficult” or “somewhat difficult” to meet their current financial obligations, should their next paycheck be delayed for one week.

It is possible to prepare for the loss of a paycheck, and to minimize the possibility of foreclosure and bankruptcy—even in far less dramatic circumstances. The Paycheck Protection Plan from United Schools Associates can be part of that solution! It provides a regular paycheck benefit when an accident or illness occurs, which can then be used to pay bills previously covered by your employer’s paycheck.

Staying healthy and accident-free is the best defense against becoming disabled. Beyond that, owning a Paycheck Protection Plan from United Schools Associates is a smart way for employees to maintain financial stability, should disability strike.

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United Schools Associate is insurance that pays you cash directly, to help pay for things that major medical doesn’t cover.

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