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United Schools Associate is insurance that pays you cash directly, to help pay for things that major medical doesn’t cover.

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Our Insurance Plans

  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance


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Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a great choice for those with long-range goals! While ensuring loved ones will be financially protected in the event of the insured’s death, this coverage offers a guaranteed death benefit amount, a guaranteed accumulation of cash value and premium payments that will not increase. Whole life is permanent insurance that will continue to provide coverage regardless of age or health status. And the accumulated cash value is available as a policy loan in the event of a financial opportunity or emergency. Common uses for life insurance include:

Replacing a portion of lost income paying off a mortgage or other debt Paying for a child’s education expenses and Paying for final expenses.

Purchasing insurance through the workplace provides the convenience employees enjoy and appreciate. USA Whole Life insurance is non-participating insurance (no dividends added to policy values), which provides the advantage of fixed costs and lower out-of-pocket premium payments. This allows for the purchase of adequate amounts of permanent coverage at a very economical cost! Whole Life is available with several riders, including the Accelerated Death Benefit Rider, sometimes referred to as a “living benefit.” Provided at no extra cost to the insured, this rider allows for benefits to be received prior to death – not only in the case of terminal illness, but also for confined care. This applies to coverage for any employee, spouse and dependent children as well.

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Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is designed as an inexpensive solution to short-term insurance needs. As the name implies, this coverage lasts for a specified period of time, often when a family is most vulnerable to losing income if something happens to the insured. Because of its affordability, term life insurance can be purchased in amounts sufficient to help with: paying off a mortgage or automobile loan, funding a college education, reducing or eliminating other debt, or meeting some of the living expenses while children are still at home. A term life policy may be added to other existing coverage to provide extra protection when it’s needed most. Premiums are paid for the length of the term. Term Life from USA at Work® Coverage is available for the employee, spouse and children for a five-, 10-, 20- or 30-year term. The policy may be customized with “add-ons,” known as riders, to suit many situations and budgets, and the premium is guaranteed to remain level for the duration of the term. When the need for coverage is high but the financial resources are limited, USA Term Life can play an important role in any employee’s financial protection package!

Purchasing insurance at work Insurance purchased through the workplace offers several advantages:

Premiums may be paid through payroll deduction – no reminders or missed payments. Products are easy to understand. Plans are affordable. Coverage is portable – an employee leaving his or her current employment may keep the coverage by continuing to pay premium.

“Among households with children under 18, four in 10 respondents said they would immediately have trouble meeting living expenses if a primary wage earner died. Another three in 10 would have trouble keeping up with expenses after several months.”

LIMRA, “Facts about Life 2013”

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