Ferlyn Pinera

Back Office Support

My Story

Ferlyn Pinera (Fer) is a proud Filipina raised in the northern province of the Philippines. La Union is known for top-tier beaches with the best waves…the “Surfing Capital of the North.”

During her childhood, Fer enjoyed gorgeous sunrises and sunsets as well as the warm, salty breezes of the beach. Growing up, she lived a simple yet beautiful life.

My Focus

Fer is an experienced customer service representative with more than 11 years in the call center industry. She has performed significant roles in a range of U.S.-based international companies, and is always fascinated to expand her knowledge while learning new things.

Fer assigns high value to integrity and dedication, turning criticism into great coaching opportunities for improvement.

My Favorites


My Girl, 50 First Dates, One Day, 500 days of Summer, Harry Potter


Michelle Obama, Miriam Defensor-Santiago


The beach, great food, real-life and knowledge-based documentaries, music, medical dramas, supernatural and true-to-life-based series.


"It is more important to have a happy life than a so-called successful life, because success can be defined in so many ways. Just being happy is a success in itself." - Miriam Defensor-Santiago